F-101 Voodoo 1/67

  • $149.95

Scale: 1/67 | Wingspan: 7.1 inches | Length: 12 inches

The F-101 Voodoo took its first flight to test its engines and performance on September 29, 1954. The aircraft was designed by the Air Force defense to be an all-weather interceptor and penetration fighter. As a US Air Force (USAF) and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) aircraft, the F-101 conducted tactical air command and photo reconnaissance missions. Developed as a nuclear-armored bomber, this jet fighter could effectively wipe out enemy bases, training camps, and entire villages. It can swoop overhead at a speed of Mach 1.72 and can do reconnaissance missions for a long time. Moreover, it packs a lot of punch with its AIM-4 Falcon missiles and AIR-2 Genie missiles that can surely wipe out enemy bases. It also used Hughes MG-13 fire control avionics control system for stability and navigation.

This handcrafted model is painted in the same paint scheme as the original and is painstakingly built from Philippine mahogany by our skilled craftsmen. Perfect as a gift for any aviation enthusiast and history buff!

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