VH-71 Kestrel 1/65

  • $175.96

Scale: 1/65 | Wingspan: 11.25 inches | Length: 13.75 inches

The Lockheed Martin VH-71 Kestrel was being developed to replace the United States Marine Corps' Marine One U.S. Presidential transport fleet, nine were built. The Presidential Helicopter Replacement was a dual-piloted, multi-engine vertical take-off and landing aircraft that would bring the latest vertical lift and command and control communication technology to the primary helicopter platform employed by HMX-1. The VH-71 would be capable of operating day or night, in adverse weather worldwide, in climates including arctic, desert, mountainous, littoral, and tropical. The future "Marine One" would be one of the world's most technologically advanced helicopters, designed to safely and reliably transport the president, vice president, heads of state and other official parties both at home and abroad with mobile "oval office in the sky" capabilities.

This handcrafted model is painted in the same paint scheme as the original and is painstakingly built from Philippine mahogany by our skilled craftsmen. Perfect as a gift for any aviation enthusiast and history buff!

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