B-25J Briefing Time 1/41

  • $149.99

Scale: 1/41 | Wingspan: 19.75 inches | Length: 15.75 inches

The B-25 Mitchell was an American twin-engined medium bomber manufactured by North American Aviation. The B-25 first gained fame as the bomber used in the 18 April 1942 Doolittle Raid, in which 16 B-25Bs led by Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle attacked mainland Japan, four months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This specific B-25 is painted as "Briefing Time", a B-25 used by the 489th Bomb Squadron, 57th Bomb Wing, 340th Bomb Group of the 12th Air Force; "Briefing Time" served in the Italian campaign

This handcrafted model is painted in the same paint scheme as the original and is painstakingly built from Philippine mahogany by our skilled craftsmen. Perfect as a gift for any aviation enthusiast and history buff!

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