F-16 Fighting Falcon (USAF) 1/49 Desktop Model Aircraft

  • $139.95

  • Scale: 1/49 | Length: 12 inches | Wingspan: 8 inches
  • Crafted from durable mahogany
  • With hand-painted insignia and other markings
  • Comes with a wooden base and nameplate
  • Free shipping within Continental US

The F-16 Falcon is the very first aircraft to come equipped with fly-by-wire flight controls, variable camber wings, integrated digital avionics, a high-g cockpit, and a bubble canopy. Technologically advanced during its time, it was also famous for its combat radius that exceeded those of all other fighter aircraft of the era. The F-16 Falcon was feared due to its capability to operate even in the worst of weather and its unique ability to detect low-flying aircraft in radar ground clutter. A blended wing-body design and modular construction provided the aircraft enough speed to make it a genuine threat for slower-moving enemy aircraft. Its powerful single engine and computer-assisted flight contributed to its success both at home and abroad. The F-16 Falcon became one of the major components of America’s Global War on Terrorism after the 9/11 attacks.